I can say with relative certainty that they did absolutely nothing to improve the quality of this soundtrack, at least to what my Klipsch headphones can produce and my ears can detect. Photopost updated.

Look how pretty it is—The remastered FFVI soundtrack.

I’m about to find out if it’s really remastered, though, or if they just made a new “edition” of the cds, because the previews on Amazon didn’t sound any different than the original (but hey, can’t always trust Amazon’s previews, I’ve found).

Pictures of the liner booklet are blurry as hell, but it’s mostly Amano art that we’ve all seen before anyway. So pictures are just to give you the gist.

Update: Yes, I am 99% certain that I just paid for a pretty box that says “Remaster Version” on it.

But, yeah, for those of you who aren’t like me and like throwing money at things for packaging, probably should skip this one. 

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xamists asked:
Hey. Do you know if there are any previews of the FFVI remaster?

There are none on Amazon, but I’m not sure about Square Enix’s site. I only ever attempted to navigate their Japanese site once, long ago, found it too difficult, and never went back o.o

Shit what, there’s a remastered version of this?

There’s going to be on September 4. :D

Pre-ordering the FFVI Remastered Soundtrack from Amazon Japan—A Tutorial

Right, so, if you order stuff from the Amazon website in your native language enough, ordering stuff on the Japanese Amazon should be pretty easy. But I know from experience that even being familiar with the interface can make you uncomfortable simply because what if that button doesn’t say what i think it does what if i sign my spleen away to them

So, here we go. Pictures time.

I’ll make this easy and provide the link to this page.

Now, what you want to do is click this button.

Then you will find yourself here

Click that button and it will take you here

This is what the page looks like translated by my browser. 
Now, with some Amazon sites, you don’t have to make an account with them if you already have one for another site. Example, I mae my account with the US Amazon, and logged in seamlessly to the Canadian and German Amazons.

Amazon Japan is not one that I could log into with my US login. I had to create a new account (using the same email as my US account because I don’t like using 500 emails everywhere, but you do what you want).

You will probably have to create an account, too. I already have an Amazon Japan account, so if you want an explanation on how to make one, you’ll have to see this post.

If you happen to have an account like me (which begs the question: why do you need my help with this?), log in and lets go.

It should hopefully give you something similar to this (ignore that price, I have other shit in my cart because when I order from japan I order big). I’m not sure why it didn’t ask me to select a shipping address and junk, but I’m going to assume it’s because I only have one listed so there weren’t any to choose, only the choice to add if I wished o.o

Item Price: 3500 yen (35 USD)
Shipping to US: 2000 yen (20 USD)

Those are rounded up to the next dollar, but yeah, that’s the prices you’re looking at if you’re in the US and you just get this thing. You’ll have to do your own calculating if you’re elsewhere.

~ Final Fantasy VI OST Remastered Release Date: September 4th 2013


The remastered version of the FFVI OST is going to be released in Japan on September 4th!! I’m so excited, I dunno how I’ll manage to get ahold of a copy, but I’ll make it work. If I can obtain Fatal Frame IV, I can get this.

Excuse me while I go see if this means I can preorder it now.

What if I spammed you guys with Balance and Ruin…

You would probably all kill me.